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Bulging belly? No, thank you!

  • November 20th, 2017
  • Erik Orgu

All of us have experienced the feeling of being bloated. It's often the bodily response to consuming gaseous beverages or too many different foods at once. Fortunately, it can pass quickly, provided your body is strong and you follow the right advice. However, there are people who suffer from this experience each and every day. And anyone would rather not wake up to a bulging belly every morning.

Unfortunately, this condition can lead to more problems. Swelling can affect the hands, ankles, and also the face if habits are not corrected.

Let’s detail some useful techniques you can use to get rid of that bulge faster.

1. Decrease your salt intake

Salt on its own is necessary for us to thrive, but as with everything else - in moderation.  If you make your own food, the risk of excessive salt consumption is quite low.  Conversely, if you frequently consume a lot of ready-meals, the risk is significantly greater. That’s because these convenience foods contain a huge amount of salt! If the salt and water balance in your body is off, the consequence is a bulging belly.

If you add extra salt to food even before you taste it, that may be another sign that you are consuming too much salt. It would certainly be worthwhile for you to reduce your salt intake immediately.

Every food doesn't need to have salt in it. Your nutrition plan will teach you where to add it and where to abstain. In fact, I have adjusted the composition of Dietless recipes so that each meal has a unique mix of flavours. You will have little need to add any extra salt.

2. Drink water regularly

When you drink water, the water stored in your cells is released. Water is necessary in almost every process that occurs in the body. Therefore, if you don't drink enough water, your body retains it because it doesn't know when it will get water again! This survival instinct is great for dire circumstances, but there’s no need to activate it when you have an ample supply of H2O.

Drinking water regularly is very important for ideal weight and good health in general. You can easily calculate your own daily required water consumption. It's 30 ml of water for every 1 kg of your body weight. If you feel like this amount is too much or too little, change the quantity as required.

3. Chew less gum

Yes, gum may also bloat your stomach! Are you surprised? If you're chewing gum, then you're unconsciously swallowing quite often. Each time you swallow, you swallow a bit of air! You will then start feeling as if your stomach is full of air, just like a balloon.

And if you thought that sugar-free gum was okay, then I've got more bad news for you… But more on that in the next section.

4. Abandon processed sugars

There are many products containing sugar substitutes, starting from gums and diet drinks to protein bars. These products often contain artificial sugars which cause different types of abdominal distress to many people, including me! I only recommend using natural sweeteners. For example, products sweetened with stevia. Other artificial sweeteners can cause uncomfortable bloating.

5. Say ‘no’ to carbonated beverages

Finally, the number one cause of abdominal bulging: fizzy drinks. These nice small bubbles remain in your digestive system, and the more you drink the more your stomach bulges. If you're somebody who gets a bulging belly easily, it is imperative that you stop drinking carbonated beverages right now. Yes, that means all kinds of fizzy drinks — conventional bubbly water as well.

Adopt clean habits

If you suffer from frequent abdominal bulging, then try the previous suggestions. Do yourself a favour by giving up the causes of bloating to feel better, and for a flatter abdomen.  However, if you suspect other factors, then please consult your doctor immediately!

Another great way to adopt healthy dietary practices is to follow a nutritional plan in the Dietless app. Not only are Dietless meals free from ingredients that cause bloating, they help you reach your weight loss goals for an even flatter belly! Read more about the science behind Dietless here.

Erik Orgu – Nutritionist and Chef, Founder of Dietless

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Erik Orgu

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