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How to lose weight on vacation

  • November 22nd, 2017
  • Erik Orgu

As a nutritionist and weight loss expert, I already know in advance that when summer is over, I will be getting calls and letters from people who have regained lost weight during the summer months. This is because they have nullified all their prior weight loss efforts during a long holiday.

Instead of causing this ‘post-holiday depression,’ why not instead continue the good work throughout the summer season and return to work fitter than ever?

Weight-loss with nutrition plans by Erik Orgu

If you've exercised diligently until your vacation, please continue doing so. Many people work out effectively as part of their regular routine, but as soon as holidays start, they decide to ‘take a break.’

Personally, I am most active during the summer, because that’s when we have the time and energy (and nice weather) to move more often and more comfortably.

If your summer nights are overflowing with activity, complete your workout first thing in the morning. Then it's done!

When resting, rest!

I know that many people don't actually rest during the holidays.  Instead, they're dealing with things that cause stress, like completing projects at work while semi-disengaged, and trying to sift through unwanted emails that keep coming in. Know where to draw the line! If you're in this category then take it easy during the holidays and make yourself the priority!

Walk as much as possible

You use the car and public transport to save time every day when going to work – I get it, we all do. But while on a holiday, if you're getting sufficient rest and you have the extra time, try walking to nearby destinations to burn calories subtly. You will get to enjoy that sweet summer weather, which for the rest of the year might only be seen from your window office.

Buy food from the market

During the summer time, you can get the best and freshest seasonal food from the market, which we miss so much during the darker seasons! Don't let this opportunity slip away as the summer season is quite short! Markets source local fresh produce which are full of flavour and nutrient-rich. That makes you feel fuller faster.

Plan your vacation to be active

You have a lot of options for spending time actively. Ball games on the beach. Biking trips. Water parks. Adventure trails. There are so many activities to engage the body and mind. This summer, try a new active pastime.

I would really love to see your notes in the comment section! Tell me about how you plan on spending your summer and how you will keep the extra pounds at bay. Say something inspirational or informative so others can benefit and make similar plans for their holidays.

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