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How we fail at our weight loss attempts with one wrong thought!

  • November 11th, 2017
  • Erik Orgu

Many people believe that the golden rule of dieting is giving up that yummy chocolate cake, or some other tasty dessert. This idea has been propagated by countless diet programs for decades. While there is definitely truth in the fact that most dieters must cut down on sweets, we fail at our weight loss attempts because of the psychological effect of this ‘ban on desserts.’ Have you ever noticed that the more and more you remind yourself that cake is off limits, the more and more you want to eat it? Then there is no choice but to give in!

While dieting, you have daily goals and a method of achieving them, but there is no doubt that the pressure to achieve your goals can become overbearing. Then when you try to compel yourself to do something productive, your brain steps in and refuses to execute the compulsory task.

As a result, everything that you try to avoid (such as that yummy chocolate cake) becomes increasingly attractive all of a sudden. As you try to reach your goals, your own brain becomes a roadblock. If you have imposed the ban on yourself in imperative style, “I cannot eat cake,” then it gradually becomes more and more tempting.

The commands ‘I must’ and ‘I cannot’ are related to obligation and shame. If such negative feelings are involved in your diet plan then the temptations and desires of ‘cheating’ become even more inevitable. That’s when you reach the point where you choose to eat something that you are trying to stay away from.

If your idea is to ‘avoid chocolate cake’ then as soon as you see a chocolate cake in the refrigerator, your brain has already made the decision: “You are going to eat this cake!”

Weight loss taboos

If you want to be productive in your diet plan you need to make some changes in how you see and experience dieting. For example, ‘I must’ should be replaced by ‘I want.’ In so doing, you replace the feeling of obligation with the feeling of inner motivation and desire. This shift in mind-set evokes a feeling of value for oneself. Here is positive statement that comes from ‘I want:’ “I want to lose weight, to be a good parent, and to be in good health all of my life to enjoy quality time with my children’s children.”

If you are motivated by want, then you can eliminate all chocolate cake urges and other unhealthy habits much easier. They simply no longer exist! When you adopt this line of thinking you won’t even see chocolate cake in the refrigerator anymore. And you will love to see your refrigerator filled with everything else that is healthy and good for your body and mind.

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