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Listen to your body, not your ego

  • November 23rd, 2017
  • Erik Orgu

I did an interview with Postimees ( where we spoke about the ideal body and how to acquire it.  Here it is.

Personal trainer Erik Orgu knows that to achieve good spirits you don't have to grind through hundreds of kilos or run a marathon, and having a world-class body isn’t as fulfilling in real life as the media makes it seem.

If someone wants to know what prompted me to take care of my body, the honest answer would be, above all, ‘the girls!’ When I began, my idol was Arnold Schwarzenegger – like all boys back then. We especially liked the superhuman ability he portrayed in the movie ‘Terminator.’ Perfection. That's where it all began. As time went by, I began to take more and more interest in physical appearance, that the six-pack should be well-defined.

All this demanded huge effort, and sometimes the consequence was injury because the weights had to increase. Today, I realise that the most important thing is that I should feel great within myself, that I shouldn't be in pain, and that my heart rate doesn’t need to go through the roof. Feeling good is the highest goal. It’s not running a marathon or lifting two hundred kilos.

Rather than fixate on external judgement, a person must set their own priorities. What is more important to them, how they feel and how they see themselves, or what others say about them?

Unfortunately, the opinions of others may go against what your body is capable of or what it needs. So, if your body needs a greater percentage of fat or less movement rather than more, then that's important to understand. Sometimes your own thoughts and others’ opinions need to be ‘put in their place.’ If your self-esteem demands that you become a superhuman or ballerina, you have to ask yourself, “Is it possible?” Is your body even capable of doing the work necessary? Only after that can you listen to the opinion of others.

I have a great relationship with my body. It does not cause me problems anymore. There's no pain or discomfort arising from the body being in too good or too bad shape. I feel very secure in my body.

However, I also do a lot to achieve that. My diet is healthy and I exercise about four hours per week. Healthy results are significantly better when you work out correctly and your diet is correct.

So, from my own experience, I recommend that anyone who is working towards good looks and trying to get into contact with their body, they should listen to their body more and their ego less. Because the reason for trying to achieve a great body is actually boosting your ego.

I eat to be healthy, and I train my body so that daily struggles are not so challenging for me (or at least simpler!).

I don't need to partake in top-class sports or achieve a cutting-edge look, because in real life that’s not important for great health. My life does not revolve around being a professional athlete. So why torture yourself? The result is that you will feel bad.

A healthy diet is something that can be achieved. I have found the correct balance for my body. For example, if I ate an entire pizza right now it would basically ruin my whole day.

Three to four healthy meals in a day are exactly the fuel that my body needs. I can’t get it from anywhere else. Drink as much water as you like. Water is one part of health, but food is still the input for all functions of the body. At the same time, my workout is very versatile: weight training, aerobic workout, boxing, etc. I exercise every day pretty intensely for about half an hour, because I mostly only have time in the evenings. During the day, I have other obligations. I concentrate on others. But at night, I commit one hundred percent to my exercise.

A problem which I have been struggling with now is how age affects the body. The body is no longer what it used to be. Yes, I am healthy and nothing hurts. In this sense, I'm extremely pleased. But the body's hormonal levels are not as they were ten years ago, and that still requires a little bit of getting used to. As a whole, I feel good. But the difference is about the same as when you have a brand-new car or one that's travelled 200, 000 kilometres.

People come to me for personal training. They read or listen to my stories. They are perhaps embarking upon a major lifestyle change. I teach them to put their wishes in place and then act accordingly, not to set goals that are higher than the possibilities, or vice versa. You must remain a realist. Try to achieve a healthy body, both by improving yourself internally and also in the physical sense of the word.

Consider the analogy of a newborn: whether the baby is a boy or a girl, tall or slender, above all we all want a healthy baby. That’s how every adult should also think about their own body.

Achieving good health for temporary gain should not be the aim; it should be a decision to make a lifestyle change for the long-term.

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