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Nutrition plans should not force you to give up anything delicious

  • October 25th, 2017
  • Erik Orgu

When you embark on any major lifestyle change, especially a change in diet, start by asking yourself this question: “Why am I doing this, and what do I want to achieve as a result?” Then, as you visualise the result you wish to achieve, ask yourself, “How important to me is achieving this result?”

Know that this journey may not be without its obstacles, and everything might not work out exactly the way you’d like. There may be a number of surprises along the way – both positive and negative, and that's a part of life! But if you know exactly where this change will lead you, then you will not be deterred from your goal.

People often mistakenly believe that adopting a new direction in life automatically implies that you must give something up. “I will ditch all the bad stuff for good stuff.” Like salad instead of chips, for example.  This is not a helpful approach when trying to make a positive change to your diet. With such a mind-set, you are telling yourself that you have lost something. This mentality creates fear, and develops a negative relationship with food. That’s not going to be helpful!

It's better to focus on the overall objective so that you maintain the will and courage to reach it. You actually don't have to give up anything, as those on the Dietless app nutrition plans already know. Almost everything that we fear ‘losing’ can receive a healthy makeover using authentic, nutritious, and raw ingredients. Such meals fulfil the needs of both the body and the palate, while also filling the belly! You can explore and experiment with Dietless nutrition plans on a free trial. See for yourself how delicious dieting can be!

There is no need to fear giving up delicious food in order to reach your dieting goals. In fact, with a little bit of direction you can discover a love for new and exciting flavours. Of all the potential roadblocks in dieting, taste should not be one of them.

Focus on the positives that your new lifestyle brings

There are almost countless positive improvements that you will experience as you embark on a clean and healthy diet. Let’s name a few big ones:

  • Eating healthy food keeps you more energised at a cellular level! You will feel this improved wellbeing immediately.
  • Enjoy being in better shape. Your body fat percentage will react to better nutrition immediately and you will be at least 2 lbs lighter at the end of the first week.
  • Enjoy new flavours, because the world has an infinite number of them! The Dietless app will teach you how to prepare healthy food in a way that reveals true flavour.
  • Experience a newfound confidence. You have the world at your feet! When you hit your weight goal you can buy those exact clothes you want, snap a photo on a beach vacation without any worries, and feel healthy, energetic, and confident in your own body!

Do any of these resonate with you? Then you are already moving in the right direction. Keep a positive mind and have a successful journey!

Erik Orgu – Founder, Dietless

About Erik Orgu

Erik Orgu

Erik is a nutritionist, personal coach and dietary advisor – and the author of Dietless by Erik. His meal plans have helped thousands of people lead healthier lives. On this blog he writes about what he has learnt along the way.

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